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Terrace balustrading
An example of our terrace balustrading using reconstituted stone, available from Stonebuild, natural stone suppliers

Welcome to Stonebuild

For over 25 years our business has been with stone. We are manufacturers and suppliers of both reconstituted and natural stone products to virtually any design. Primarily our major sales are of dry cast stone; however, natural stone plays a large part in our ability to supply almost any stone finishing product including natural stone slabs.

We have "in house" facilities for mould and pattern work to ensure smooth running of projects for when we are using dry cast stone methods, and for natural stone we have facilities to ensure accurate cutting and masoning of a large and varied range of stone types.

For lower budgets, reconstituted stone has proven to be both hard wearing, able to produce excellent decorative detail and where repetition of units in quantity are a requirement, has distinct price advantages over natural stone.

Using dry cast stone for wall decoration will add character to your home or garden. Seen above is one example of a garden complete with balustrade and paving using reconstituted stone.

Modern methods of stone production have enabled imagination and design to be fulfilled at more realistic price levels now than in recent history. For stone finishing products at affordable prices, Stonebuild will supply you with stone in whatever form to the limits only of your imagination.

Main Building Projects

It is easy to be excited by the possibilities of incorporating stone into your building project.

However, one should not make the mistake of loading the whole building out with every conceivable stone detail. When including stone finishings to your building fašade, care should be taken to balance style with tradition and local surrounding building types so to achieve a comfortable and rewarding scheme.

Surprisingly, only a small consideration of stone detailing can have a very special effect on giving that individuality and statement in your designs.

We will happily consult with you during the design stages of building.

Garden Projects

Stone in many forms helps the designer create and fulfil every aspect of garden design. Formal and informal themes can be achieved simply by addition to the colours and varieties of the many types of stone now available to a garden scheme.

Made formal by structures such as temples, pergolas and balustrading and informal with an interesting urn or statue placed as focal points, the garden has for centuries, been the stage on which dreams and aspirations of the designers fertile mind have been realised and in which stone products have played a major role.

Wall Furniture Projects

A wall, a simple barrier separating one room, one neighbour, or one country from another, has become almost an art form over the centuries.

Stone in its various guises has played a major role in forming and building these barriers. Traces of many ancient walls can be found and still perform the delineation of boundaries as first intended.

To say that present day barriers have more sophistication in their make up is not totally correct many ancient barriers were built with integral fortifications, openings and gate ways and adorned with features only a true architect could configure. Our present day efforts to introduce features on such a grand scale are seldom achieved without great expense, however, quite surprisingly, by using the modern offerings of dry cast stone in its various shapes and forms, walls are now becoming once again features in their own right.

For instance, wall decoration will include pier caps and copings, essential elements, with additional decoration such as banding, plinth course, niches to break a long run of walling, arches and feature gateways. All add character and individuality to a wall.

Short of ideas? then why not consult with us for your own individual and unique design. A fee may be chargeable on consultations.

Stonebuild - Suppliers of Natural Stone Products including Dry Cast Stone and Natural Stone Slabs around London plus Middlesex and Devon in the South of the UK.

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