Sourcing and supplying of finishing products to the constructor

About Stonebuild
Quayside and walling
Natural Purbeck stone quayside and walling

Over 25 years from our formation, Stonebuild has been engaged in supplying stone products to both the building industry and the private sector.

We have progressed and expanded with the burgeoning usage of stone in the building industry until currently Stonebuild commands a position where our supplies and services are as diverse as our product range.

In the early years we manufactured replacement decorative window sills and heads to match existing finishes. This activity quickly developed into providing stone detail to vast housing projects constructed by major home builders and specialist one-off house builders using a vast array of highly decorative and intricate stone product which has now become an everyday part of the UK's ever more elaborately built housing stock.

Yes, modern methods of stone production have enabled both feelings and imaginations to run riot in the design of new and old buildings alike, affordability being the key word.

Stonebuild supplies products limited only by your aspirations and dreams.

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