Sourcing and supplying of finishing products to the constructor


Columns generally support some kind of entablature. We supply a decorative unit, which is a non-structural unit with hollow centres. They are made structural by introducing reinforced concrete through the centre core or are used as a cladding to a central steel structural member. Should only be used for structural work under the guidance of a suitably qualified structural engineer. An isolating medium should be used to separate the core fill from the inner faces of the columns core (seek further advise before fitting units).

Columns Full Tucson style columns and pilasters, suitably strengthened to support entablature.
Columns Fluted columns support a lightweight entablature.
Columns Plain-shafted columns with Tucson style capitol.
Columns Structural steel columns clad with stone and incised at levels reflecting the building lines of a commercial building in High Wycombe for Banner Homes.
Columns Colonnade - a series of columns made structural and supporting first floor of housing project in Broxbourne for Cala Homes
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