Sourcing and supplying of finishing products to the constructor


Add decorative cornices to various levels of a building facade to emphasise roofing line, to add above heads on bays and to corbel out from brickwork face.

Cornice Cornice tops a band of architrave to act also as a coping to the parapet wall.

Cornice to roof detail Cornice to parapet level, acts also as coping throwing water back to internal water channel.

View showing water channelled off the roof View showing water channelled off the roof to water hopper and down pipe through cornice.

Cornice to splay bay Cornice sits above and extends beyond the face of the head of this splay bay.
Decorative soffit brackets These brackets are fixed beneath the eaves soffit for decorative effect where they might give continuity to the design of the fašade of the building.
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