Sourcing and supplying of finishing products to the constructor

Gable features

However you protect your finished course of brickwork, you will require a coping in some form or another. With stone, either reconstituted or natural, many designs can be achieved and like all building products there are many variations and options. It is pleasantly surprising just how much effort has been applied to the simple coping, the design of which has now become almost an art form in itself embellishing and protecting in one.

The three applications shown below refer to gable end protection.

Gable vent Dutch barn gable end

Stepped down from the curved apex with ball finial, this coping follows a traditional Dutch barn style and shows the use of a blind gable vent centre piece.

Asprey Homes, Kent
Gable end Architect-designed gable end and copings

Architect-designed gable end and copings forming two completed gables over Tuscan style colonnade supporting first floor rooms.

Cala Homes, Broxbourne
Gable features Church building gable end

Church Building Gable End showing ecclesiastical apex stone and coping stopped mid way with intermediate blocks and terminated with corbelled kneeler blocks.
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