Sourcing and supplying of finishing products to the constructor

We will price projects free of charge on presentation to Stonebuild by the client, all relevant dimensional detail, architects drawings and or photographs/line drawings showing exact requirements.

Should our quotation be accepted, any further information gathering required by Stonebuild to progress a project would be inclusive within the quoted price.

We will engage in relevant design consultation pertaining to inclusion of our stone in various building schemes and advise accordingly. (Consultation may be chargeable).

We have skilled operatives to engage in the assembly and fitting of all reconstituted and natural stone product and will quote a labour only price for the service, i.e. Fitting materials are chargeable in addition to labour costs.

We are able to advise on:

  1. After care of stone
  2. Colour matching
  3. Repair work to natural and reconstituted stone
  4. Stone protection
  5. Cleaning
  6. Safe handling
  7. Fitting and pointing

NB - All consultation, advise and fitting services are provided subject to all technical calculation being supplied by the appropriate professional bodies when including our stone product within a building structure.

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