Sourcing and supplying of finishing products to the constructor

The following selection of photographs show typical pictorial information we collect when asked to survey and price a project. We are able to lift profiles, detail the requirement and manufacture stone to suit, whether the supply of small sections to insert where degraded stone work is a problem or to replicate a complete fašade to match an adjoining building.
Case 1. Site survey of entablature in Cricklewood
Case 2. Where a splayed bay has been destroyed during the history of the house, replaced by a square bay, possibly because of costs. The new owner requiring the original splayed bay to be reinstated using neighbours bay as the template.
Case 3. Badly degraded entablature requiring replacement.
Case 4. Typical degraded stone, filled and painted, giving rise now to a very expensive recovery program.
Case 5. Limestone decorative detail to a seafront property almost totally degraded, where repairs were not the option, full replacement of this feature unit was required.
A series of projects showing "before" and "after".
Case 6. This house, in a desirable residential area of Wimbledon, was not quite the size for a growing family, but the right place for school and work. Moving was not an option.
Case 7. Introduce a parking area to a front garden, boundary and dividing balustrade has to be re-routed and in this instance our replication of balustrade rather than re-build was the only option (Kensington Gardens).
Case 8. The change speaks for itself. (Chertsey)
Case 9. Down with the old balustrade and up with some new. (Ealing)
Case 10. Transforming of a building site. (Mayfield, Woking)
Case 11. Balustrading enhances, upgrades and changes the whole environment. (Iver, Bucks)
Case 12. Upgrading of steps and footpath using natural stone facings.
Case 13. Bridge for the millenium at Fulwell Golf Club, themed on the Swilcan Bridge at St. Andrews.
Case 14. A pair of unusual semis with degraded castleations, is given a new lift.
Case 15. A badly degraded porch was removed completely and we produced a replacement matching the original.
Case 16. Cost effective upgrade to entrance steps using natural Yorkstone cladding.
Case 17. Kitchen extension with a difference.
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